Mission Statement

The mission of the British Society of Gastroenterology is to maintain and promote high standards of patient care in gastroenterology and to enhance the capacity of its members and associate members to discover, disseminate and apply new knowledge to the benefit of patients with digestive disorders.


It aims to achieve its mission through a series of goals.

  1. Support the discovery of new knowledge leading to prevention, treatment and cure of digestive diseases, by
    1. Helping members participate in clinical and basic research.
    2. Encouraging and retaining a supply of researchers in gastroenterology by encouraging young professionals to enter the discipline.
    3. Playing a leading role in defining priorities for research into digestive diseases in the UK.
    4. Holding regular meetings for the presentation of research findings.
    5. Establishing a comprehensive database of research being undertaken in gastroenterology and of the funding which supports such research.
  2. Promote high quality patient care by defining best practice, by
    1. Developing and disseminating guidelines to good practice in gastroenterology.
    2. Developing outcome measures which can be used to assess quality standards.
    3. Developing and using up to date technologies for dissemination of information to members and associate members of the Society.
    4. Developing and encouraging methods of peer review and audit.
  3. Ensure high quality training in gastroenterology and lead in the provision of CME for gastroenterologists and other health care workers in the field, by
    1. Contributing to the development of programmes of training in gastroenterology
    2. Defining the numbers of gastroenterologists required to provide high quality care.
    3. Creating and supporting Continuing Professional Development programmes.
    4. Disseminating a range of educational programmes and developing methods for such dissemination.
    5. Enhancing the use of computer-based technology for educational purposes.
  4. Develop an advocacy role for digestive health and for gastroenterology, by
    1. Helping educate the public about digestive diseases and the need for research.
    2. Enhancing liaison with government, civil servants, members of parliament and other opinion formers about the importance of practice and research in gastroenterology.
    3. Liaising with the Digestive Disorders Foundation in their efforts to encourage funding for research and in patient education activities.
    4. Liaising with other professional bodies including the Colleges and other specialist Societies.
    5. Seeking to influence the international community of gastroenterology in Europe and world-wide.
  5. Provide a fraternity for members of the Society and promote mutual support, by
    1. Developing systems to assess membership satisfaction.
    2. Enhancing media training and communication skills amongst gastroenterologists.
    3. Enhancing the emergence of the next generation of leaders in the discipline of gastroenterology.
  6. Ensure that the organisation and administration of the Society is best arranged to achieve the Society’s goals and mission.