Gut Microbiota for Health Expert Panel: Proposed Charter


A cross disciplinary education & interest group under the auspices of the British Society for Gastroenterology (BSG Research Section)

Mission Statement

  • To help increase awareness and understanding among clinicians of the gut microbiota and its impact on health.
  • To be a 'go-to' address for clinicians (GPs and gastroenterologists) in the UK for defining what is currently reliably known in this field.
  • To drive a scientific and academic interest in the gut microbiota in gastrointestinal and liver disease.


  • To map the science and reach consensus on what is known and what is not yet known.
  • To draft consensus statements on areas of interest for UK GPs.
  • To identify gaps in knowledge and research foci.
  • To identify R&D areas (e.g. survey of patient understanding and usage of probiotics).

Action points

  • To write a review on the current situation, highlighting the gap between the science and medicine. Aim to publish in Gut, submission September 2014.
  • To hold an event translating the gut microbiome science for HCP.
  • To find a home and outlet for the group (e.g. BSG website, newsletter, etc).


Danone Ltd and Yakult UK Limited to cover the ad hoc costs of the group’s meetings. Funding for specific projects is subject to prior agreement.


  • Ailsa Hart (Coordinator) (St Mark's Hospital, Harrow)
  • David Adams (University of Birmingham)
  • Qasim Aziz (Royal London Hospital)
  • Simon Carding (Institute for Food Research, Norwich)
  • Bernard Corfe (University of Sheffield)
  • Anton Emmanuel (University College London)
  • Harry Flint (Aberdeen University)
  • Nigel Klein (University College London)
  • James Lindsay (Barts and the London NHS Trust)
  • Julian Marchesi (Cardiff University)
  • John Mclaughlin (University of Manchester)
  • Sarah O'Brien (University of Liverpool)
  • Ian Roberts (University Manchester)
  • Ian Rowland (formerly University of Reading)
  • Tom Smith (BSG, Core)
  • John Threlfall (formerly Public Health England)
  • Peter Whorwell (University of Manchester)

Secretariat: Connie Hersch (Danone); Linda Thomas (Yakult).